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A Glimpse of Linsay's Story of Transformation

The life journey really starts at birth. We are all brought through the womb portal by our mother and father, and we are born into circumstances that benefit us as well as ones that are challenging. Our souls jump through the portal with all its past life experiences, because it is within the blue print of our soul. Each lifetime we choose again to come home and remember, for the benefit of all living beings, to awaken to our divine nature and power. We have soul family that we would like to love again, work together and have purpose and soul connection with in this life. We know exactly how much pain and love we will experience and we say YES, I am ready. In these times on the planet we choose to live to be apart of the collective awakening and healing. The stars and numbers of the universe naturally align with synchronicity. Our being aligns with divinity. The suffering we experience is to allow us to experience pain and trust that Love will guide us to our true destiny. Miracles are what we are, and so is this life. Everything is perfect, meant to be, and we have the power to consciously create our reality. Our destiny, our dharma, is divine and its in our human consciousness and hands. The key to unlocking the answers you seek, are where you truly RESONATE, your vibration, intuition and connection to all that is.


Linsay began her Yoga Journey at the age of 13, self taught and resonantly inspired by the ability to receive peace through this practice. Attending dance class was her strength, yet also her weakness with being seen in such vulnerability. From an unwavering seeking of Truth within, she found that the embodiment from the alignment and flow of Yoga unlocked the grace in answers she was opened to receive. She found that breathing with awareness and feeling to find where the body needs to release tension, was where she found her internal suffering and Life energy blocks.


She began to learn, explore, resonate, and work with different teachings from yoga, sacred medicines, cleansing the body, music, quantum meditations, dream work, gurus like Mooji baba and Ram Dass, astrology, numerology, nature, Buddhism, Rastafarianism, Sophia codes, Hinduism, Paganism, angels, aliens, star beings, veganism and more. The more connections she saw the more she began to believe in the infinite power and utter miraculousness of this quantum reality, life and Self. 


With her commitment to facing the fear of her power, she followed the intuition of her hearts call to understanding her pain, and in return experienced a book full of teachings to share! From loosing her self in adversity and facing past life karma and child hood wounds within relationships, to having a few near death experiences, with divine intervention. Her being was Reborn into an awakened reality she prayed for, but wasn't capable of integrating so quickly! Her body needed to expand with this awakening, to ground this spiritual energy. Blessed with community and friends that supported her, she found teachers in every person and moment. Reflections like a paradoxic of metaphors. 

With her intention to heal mentally, find balance in her body, communicate and connect better to her self, to be able to Love others with more Presence and to Truly know Love- She was led to find Dashama, inspired by her beautifully pure, powerful, resonate light. She won a scholarship to become a 300 hour Certified Yoga Teacher to Pranashama Yoga Institute in Bali, Indonesia at the age of 20. Her life was forever changed by the healing found in self discipline and to the connection with her soul family there.


As she continued to deepen her practice, more continued to unfold in her consciousness, in understanding the power of the devotion to Yoga and to loving her self. In 2018, she started holding Goddess womban circles and full moon ceremonies and gatherings. In Spring 2019, she completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Pod Boulder.


In Summer of 2019, after the incredible teachings she learned- one being that confidence comes from realizing and remembering that the Journey is infinite and that her power is in the acceptance of her own imperfect human healing and presence of Now. She realized that she was ready to offer healing and transformation to others regardless of mastery, because that IS the Journey! She finally felt ready to teach. 


Linsay also joined a private exotic dance troupe called Divinity Exotic Dance, where she met sisters and had mentorship practicing erotic dance and tantra. She began seeing clients for bodywork and tantra healing sessions, and found this service to be truly abundant and soul healing, with being a conduit for relaxation and pleasure, and vulnerability.


Enjoying the moment more fully, connecting with people more authentically and honoring the True Self is the center of her focus. She teaches about Self Sovereignty and Owning yourself and energy. She has been coaching and teaching yoga privately now for over 2 years. She is finding so much joy in being of service in this way.

Linsay is simultaneously healing her heart with her furry family of now 4 souls, and having a deep soul mate relationship with her partner of almost 3 years. Throughout the relationship, healing energetic wounds, cultivating incredible pleasure and activating even deeper connection. Love and relationships is the true key to our greatest potential and moments.


She created Iris Sukha- a vegan catering + juice business + wellness lounge- for weddings, ceremonies, festivals and gatherings in August 2019. A manifested dream of serving wellness, holding space and creating connection to the community. Biohacking for optimal living. Vegan for 6 years, vegetarian for 8 years. 


In February, 2020, she attended Shakti Sound, an all woman's music production retreat, in Costa Rica. This was her next level within understanding abundance by trust in honoring where she is guided. After reflection from workshops in paradise with Tantric Alchemy- Nadine Lee, and Temple Body Arts- Danyasa Founder- Sophia Thom, as well as all the other incredible mentors and sisters at the retreat- She uncovered the wound, once again, of her womb and voice connection, and yoni portal power. This is where you create Life, and also where Power energetically lives to sustain life. Her energy was in need of an awakening to her natural ability to Create. One must create with purity within the heart and body to be truly fulfilled. Creative Expression is vital! Sacred sexuality is vital. Tantric Practices are vital. Kundalini and breath work practice is  also vital. Through the sisterhood shared, the creative, magical, miraculous presence received through Showing up was transformational Union. Following she became a DJ and is producing electronic music.

Throughout the journey of the "lock down" and eye opening social activism on the planet, she continued to believe in the greater picture of it all, with even more fire within to share the gifts, love and sovereignty that is so needed for humanity. 


She completed a Holistic Birth and Postnatal Doula certification in October 2020. She completed her Reiki 1 certification in February 2021. She has continued her education in Elementary Education at Naropa University.  She's in The Quantum Year, a group master class for 2022 with Ashae Sundara. She is taking master classes for quantum leaps and doing the damn thing!  


Your Tribe is here on this earth, here to love you. The Gods, Angels, animals, and elements are guiding you. Namaste.


The butterfly effect is a way to see and reflect on the unfolding beauty of blessings and synchronicity always here. Everything is connected and it all matters. Mother earth is a perfect creation, miraculous, natural, and universal! The mother flows in cycles and musical rhythms all moving as One dance, and we are held in her nourishing and sometimes transformative embrace. Suffering and pain will lead us to where our heart is meant to be. Divinely guided to healing and Love. To sacred union.

About Linsay: About Me
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