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Butterfly Shakti Healing


Unlock Thyself

Hello there, beautiful friend!
Welcome to Butterfly Shakti Healing. 
Unlock Thyself with the Truth that you can keep in your own sacred warrior tool belt! You are your own Guru. The keys to unlock your Truth are within you, in your body and soul. You know who you are within, and so do the stars. Being a truth seeker, I experienced an awakening I subconsciously prayed for in 2012. My journey has been powerful, full of suffering, surrender, and beyond ineffable bliss, beautiful connection and ultimately full transformation. The journey of life is truly 
miraculous if you are open enough to receive the magic.


 I've been a passionate Yoga Teacher for 6 years now, on my own journey with yoga for over 13 years, and on this beautiful earth for 26 years. I have self studied astrology since I was able to read and use a computer. I have unlocked myself, and awakened through deep self exploration and healing with multitudes of ways. I look forward to sharing the blessings and also the greatest lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Butterflies surrender into the journey of quantum transformation. They flutter as a free spirit in alignment with natural energy. They go through complete metamorphosis, into the dark chrysalis, into nothingness, and into divinity. They become beyond liberated and beautiful, without knowing how or why. The Earth wants us to evolve, to go through powerful change and find healing. The butterfly spirt calls on our connection to non attachment, to let go, and to rise to our true destiny.


The sacred feminine is the embodiment of Shakti, the energy of creation and divine goddess power. Collectively we are healing and calling in the sweetness and nectar of feminine wisdom. Creating space for more pleasure and joy with sensuality and ritual. More being and less doing. Magnetism from receptive and non-dualistic energy. Honoring sacred sexuality with tantra. Tantric practices for embodiment of higher consciousness, heart centeredness, intuition and compassion. Ease, flow, and softness. We are healing our connection the mama Gaia, to our sacred roots, and all that is natural, real, true, and harmonious.


Butterfly Shakti Healing is the energetic alignment of awakening- liberating from the inside out- empowerment + abundance for our temple bodies and soul purpose.


Browse below to learn more about my practice and offerings!


About Linsay Phillips

Linsay currently resides in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado, living a mindful and sustainable eco-conscious lifestyle. She offers Butterfly Shakti Healing as an overall platform to share her healing and self actualization, while also always humbly working towards self mastery. She offers Yoga Training- Tantric Embodiment, Empowerment , and Business Coaching- Massage + Reiki- Goddess Womban Rituals- Holistic Doula Service- Astrological Readings and Guidance- Fung Shui Home Design- She teaches in Vinyasa Yoga- Power Yoga- Hot Yoga- Tantric Dance Yoga- Yin Yoga-Prenatal Yoga- Postnatal Yoga- Kids Yoga- and Meditation- She is trained in trauma-informed yoga and has strong intentions in Heart-Led Safety. Linsay believes in the power of your inner sacred self and the creative fire you can unleash for your passions, purpose and energetic abundance on this earth with expanding your knowledge of your multidimensional, ancient, and energetic knowing within.


You are a multifaceted, beautiful soul with iridescent wings unimaginable. I am here to share my tools and knowledge of healing, empowerment, and alignment- to serve you on your sacred quantum journey to embodiment and abundance. Wherever you are, it is an honor to witness, reflect and share space.


My Offerings and Classes

Love + Devotion

 Self Healing + Exploration

Collective Awakening

Yoga, Tantra, Empowerment

Empowered Flow

A Power Vinyasa Flow with Tantric Dance Infusion

Awaken the power within your deepest center of Self. Your core will thank you! Expect to sweat and feel the transcendence of space and time become one.



A gentle, sacred, restorative- YIN yoga flow

Replenish your soul to sweetness with a guided YIN yoga flow, infused with Bhakti Bliss. We will nourish the body with gentle poses that allow for rest. Mantras, mudras, and sound healing. All woman that are on their moon flow cycle are invited to come nurture. All looking for introspection and stillness within are invited to come receive. Optional Essential oils before, during and after.


Reclaiming your Radiance Ritual

90 min Power Yoga Class with guided meditation and ritual. (2 hrs)

Remember your Radiance and Sovereignty with your community in an eye gazing circle and reclamation ritual. Primal and Tantric embodiment movement practice.

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