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Unlock Thyself 

Yoga - Tantra - and Astrology.

What do they all have in common?

The study of Self and the divinity of the Universe.

Our suffering is sacred, and our detachment to it is our reason to know Love and Joy. 

The butterfly transforms and lets go of everything, surrenders, in order to become its True Self.

 Our gifts that we may unlock are in our pleasure and body.

The strength within to seek the truth through all experiences, is beautiful and powerful.

Join me in learning the depth of who we are in the collective consciousness.  

Yoga- means Union. To be one with everything. ​To Unite. It is over 5,000 years old. The breath is the key to a powerful practice. Yoga practice uses mantra, asana (yoga poses), mudras, and breathwork to invoke higher frequencies to ultimately create space for meditation, reflection and contemplation.  Yoga also:

 -Releases Stress

-Pain Relief

-Increases Blood Flow, Flexibility, Strength, Relaxation, Improved Sleep, Improved Balance, Respiration, Energy and Vitality, Over-all Wellbeing and Happiness 

Tantra- means Woven Together. Is also over 5,000 Years old. It literally means to weave together the physical with the spiritual. It is mantra. meditation, yoga, ritual, sacred sex, feminine and masculine practices, the subtle energies within the body to enhance spiritual growth and physical wellbeing. Through the exploration of these energies and their connection to the universe, the purpose of life and the connection to others can be understood in a new dimension. Shiva and Shakti

Astrology- Means the study of the stars and planets relating to the beings on Earth. It has been studied for just as long, thoasands of years. It is the blueprint of your soul. What you are divinely made of. The meaning to everything. Your intuitive map to your soul lessons and self actualization. Astrology can give guidance to your purpose, to your karma and to your dharma, and allow for greater acceptance and confidence of all personal uniqueness.

Body Work- Lower stress, improve sleep + wellness.My body work can be gentle to firm pressure, can include ayurvedic oil, hot stones, sound healing, guided meditation, essential oils, CBD, and energy clearing.

Reiki- Energy Healing from Universal + Spiritual Energy.

Vital life force energy. Promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Miraculous positive energy. 

Sound Healing- an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body in a meditative state. Singing Bowls for example, i use Quartz crystal bowls for healing different parts of the body, mind and heart. As well as flutes and ambient music. Quantum Healing occurs when we are open to the infinite space of possibilities and energetic healing.

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment means to fully integrate and feel the truth in your body. The truth of your own self actualization.

The path to embodiment is through movement, creativity and expression of your soul to be able to fully know the Divine Self. 

"Breath wants to liberate itself, to free itself from its encasing in the body’s frozen stillness. The whole of the body wants to keep moving—not even a single little part left out, everything in motion, just like the universe."

"When the body calls us back, we begin to find that we have a partner on the spiritual path that we didn’t know about—the body itself. In our meditation and in our surrounding lives, the body becomes a teacher. "

"If proper attention is not given to sensations, then we are not going to the deepest levels of the mind. The deepest level of the mind, according to Buddha, is constantly in contact with body sensations."

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